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Use Precautions Of Fence Mesh Welding Machine

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Fence mesh welding machine is a welding equipment specializing in the production of fences. It can produce special meshes such as three-bend fences, frame fences, double-sided wire fences, etc. It is mainly used in highway fences, railway fences, airports Fences, etc.

Precautions for the use of fence mesh welding machine:

1. Please check whether the power connection is firm before use.

2. The shell of the welding machine must be grounded and the ground should not be wet.

3. Adjust the secondary voltage according to the wire diameter and turn on the power switch.

4. Do not touch the charged body to prevent electric shock and burns.

5. Check whether the welding head, spring and welding rod are damaged or loose, and restore and repair in time.

6. After each shift, check whether the electrical control components are normal, if damaged, they should be replaced and repaired.

7. The mechanical transmission parts are damaged and repaired in time. Contact the electrical control section of the manufacturer as soon as possible.


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