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Poultry Cage Making Wire Mesh Welding Machine

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Introduction to the Poultry Cage Making Wire Mesh Welding Machine

This machine has PLC control system, water cooling when working, its biggest characteristic is does not need to cut edge.More importantly, weft and warp are fed through the coil.

This series of equipment can cross weld hot rolled ribbed steel bar, cold rolled ribbed steel bar and round steel bar with high quality.

Poultry cage welding machine parameters

Network width 1500-1800mm 1500-2000mm 1500-2500mm

Mesh size 50-200mm

Wire diameter 2.5 5 mm

Welding speed (mesh/minute) 50-60

The welding length is 1000mm-3000 mm

Transformer outside 80KVA -- 200 KVA

Voltage 380V 50 Hz

Motor power 4KW 4.5KW 5KW

Machine size 5800*2300*1700mm 5800*2600*1700mm 5800*3100*1700mm

Machine weight 2500kg 2500kg 2500kg

Features of poultry welding machine:

Integral frequency conversion motor and helical gear reducer are directly connected to the spindle, low noise and high efficiency.

2. Epoxy casting water-cooled welding transformer can work continuously and prolong its service life.

3. Panasonic servo motor and planetary reducer drive net drawing mechanism, continue to cycle net drawing, to achieve high quality and precision of net size.

4. Unique funnel control scheme: when there is no wire in the funnel or there is wire doffing abnormality, the equipment will be suspended until it returns to normal.

Poultry cage manufacturing screen welding machine application:

Large area venues, factory floor, bridge pavement, road surface, tunnel lining, subway engineering, water conservancy engineering, highway engineering, housing engineering, airport construction and other projects.

Poultry cage production line3Poultry cage production line1

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