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Maintenance of Welding Machine

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In order to keep the mesh welding machine in good working condition, give full play to its performance and prolong its service life. A series of maintenance is required for the welding machine, so do you know how to maintain it?

Regular maintenance and repair

The equipment is repaired once a year and maintained every three months.

1. Thoroughly clean, check adjustments, machinery, electrical appliances, and pneumatic systems, and timely replace or repair worn out and deformed parts to eliminate deformation.

2. Check and clean the lubrication parts, replace the lubricating oil, and clean the filter.

3. The repaired and maintained equipment should meet the standard of intact equipment.

Daily maintenance

1. Before work

1. Clean the dust and grease on the surface of the equipment.

2. Check whether the connecting parts, fasteners and electrical wiring of the welding machine are loose, and check the control box,  the welding power ,  and the grounding wire of the machine head are firm.

3.Check the operation buttons and switches of the control box to be flexible and reliable.

4. Test run with empty car, observe whether the rectifier, ventilator, motor generator set, and engine are operating normally, and whether there is any abnormal sound.

2. After work

1. Clean the site.

2. Clean the dust from the equipment.

3. Put the old position of the machine head ground wire well.

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