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Electric mesh welding machine is used for prison security

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Brief introduction of electric mesh welding machine:

Wire mesh welder automation:

Both the conductor and the cross conductor are fed inside the coil

B. Wire winding and cross wire pre-cutting

C. Both wire and reticle are pre-cut

Wire diameter welding range of wire welding machine:

1.8mm-3mm / 1.8mm-4mm / 1.8mm-5mm/ 3mm-6mm / 3mm-8mm / 5mm-

12 mm, etc.

Features of wire mesh welder:

1. All pneumatic components adopt world famous brands.for

For European customers, it is easy to buy parts locally.

2. PLC control.Easy to set up and control.Make the machine more intelligent and reasonable.

3. The biggest advantage is that the distance of the line can be adjusted randomly on the same board.

4. Welding wire diameter can be customized.Our wire welders range from 0.3mm to 12mm.Material can be stainless steel wire, galvanized wire, plain steel bar, etc.

Application of welded steel wire mesh panel:

1. For road, railway fence net and prison and other protection.

2. Used for the construction of high-rise building foundation, roof network, floor network, etc.

3. It is also widely used in agricultural poultry nets, agricultural nets, etc

anti-climb mesh machine-500-500-2358 Anti-Climb Mesh Welding Production Line-500-500

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