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building galvanized mesh welding machine

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Building galvanized mesh welding machine

Model: Building galvanized mesh welding machine GWC-1200B

Control system: control panel (button)

Power system: motor

Construction mesh welding machine use:

It can be used in the manufacture of various products such as construction steel mesh and floor casting top mesh.

Building galvanized mesh welding machine product introduction:

This machine is adopted for the construction welding mesh machine.The sub-control welding and welding time are controlled synchronously by the electronic circuit.The operation is more intelligent and rational,and it has the characteristics of one-time compression and split welding.The construction mesh welding machine adopts stepping.The motor hopper and the pulling mesh adopt elastic rod and grid positioning device,which makes the mesh fine adjustment easy,the grid size precision is high,the welding can be arbitrarily adjusted within the specified range,and the weft wire is cut off by the straightening machine.

Construction mesh introduction


Used for coal mine roof protection,tunnels,bridge construction,roadbed reinforcement,construction sites. Ordinary mesh is used in the construction industry as a Shule-she grid and partition grid,which is an ideal material for high-rise new buildings.


Low carbon steel wire,electrogalvanized wire,electroplated zinc modified wire.


The welding is firm, the mesh is even,the mesh surface is flat,corrosion resistance,high strength and strong protection ability.

4.Yang material classification:

Stainless steel mesh,black iron mesh,galvanized iron mesh,plastic coated mesh,framed mesh,copper plated welded wire mesh.According to the purpose,it can be used as public decoration:decorative mesh,special-shaped mesh,greenhouse mesh wire mesh,fence mesh and so on.Nets with vibrant colors are widely used in exhibitions,sample racks,etc.

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