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brick mesh welding machine

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Brick force mesh production line brick mesh welding machine introduction and application:

1. Mainly used to make brick power grid.

2. Brick force mesh are widely used in construction projects to reinforce hollow walls to increase elasticity and prevent wall cracking. It is a good auxiliary building material

3. Brick force mesh is used for foundations, walls, etc., and has higher requirements for the strength and stability of the position and the local stress of the steel bars in the bricks and blocks.

4. The Brick force mesh is used for the reinforcement of bricks and block buildings in various key parts of cement mortar, so that the brick cement mortar forms a whole structure, which can absorb stress and vibration to the maximum and has excellent crack resistance.

brick mesh welding machine feature:

1. The automatic brick mesh welding production line is a new research and development project designed for some countries in Africa.

2. Used in conjunction with coil wire feeding, double-station welding, automatic centerless grinding roller, and shearing net.

3. The welding host has a horizontal servo feed system, a linear servo feed system, and a welding system. It has a compact structure, a small footprint and a high degree of automation.

4. The net rolling device is mainly composed of pulling net, guiding, rolling net, cutting, pulling net and other devices, which greatly improves work efficiency and eliminates the need for manual shutdown of the net for cutting and rewinding.

5. The pay-off reel is a winding device with a load capacity of 500kg

6. The lead frame is a guide device for introducing the coiled wire into the material, with branch guide wheels to prevent the wire from being misplaced. It is also equipped with a feed detection device to detect insufficient or overloaded welding wire to ensure that the welding machine works normally.

Process flow of automatic reinforcement mesh wire I (pre-cutting):

Brick Force Mesh Welding Machine

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