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automatic welding mesh machine of application

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Automatic welding mesh machine technology

Wire and crossover wires are via manual or semi-automatic feeding systems, depending on the type of machine. An automatic line load line can be used for larger series.

This can be integrated into any system, thus enabling the production of wires from a coil, spool or reel, which can be integrated into a crimping machine for the fence wire welding system. Depending on the product, the crimp can be pressed from above or below.

• Cold rolled or drawn uncoated wire • Cold rolled flat blank for wire rod • Cold drawn galvanized wire • Cold drawn stainless steel wire.

Automatic on-line device, double cross wire feeding device, cross edge feeding device, mesh stacking system

Product characteristics

Network width 200-1700mm (7.9-66.9in)• Network length 300-4000mm (11.8-157.5in)• Line diameter 2.0-8.0mm (0.08-0.31in)• Line spacing minimum 20 mm(0.8in) automatic welding mesh machine application:

Product • Security fence •3D screen fence • Double wire fence • Privacy fence • Mobile construction site fence • Industrial mesh.

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