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Working principle of reinforcing wire mesh welding machine

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The longitudinal reinforcing wire mesh is cut by the payoff disc. After being straightened, it is clamped by each clamp. The stepper motor drives the clamp to move forward, and the transverse rib is broken and feeds, and the material is automatically fed. The net is alternated with the welding. Welding is not allowed when pulling the net, and the net is not allowed to be welded during welding. In the case of standard mesh welding, in order to prevent misoperation, each program is executed and will be invalid until the next mesh is welded.

As long as the automatic welding has started in any working mode, the console will be stopped in the event of a serious fault, and the rest will be uncontrollable, ensuring no malfunction and ensuring the reliability of the system. The output point is outputted multiple times during a mesh welding process, so multiple internal relays control one output in parallel. In order to adapt to the capacity of the user's main power transformer and reduce the current impact, the welding power electronic control adopts a method of welding sub-control power transmission, that is, when welding the same row of horizontal wires, the welding transformer is separately operated.

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