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Wire mesh welding machine is not welded

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Fault phenomenon 13:The cross wire of the welding mesh machine can fall on the positioning magnet accurately after falling,but the welding mesh machine does not continue the welding procedure.

Causes and elimination of the fault:

1.The cross wire blanking time is slightly longer,the program does not detect the presence of the weft yarn.At this time,it is necessary to adjust the long weft feeding time on the welding net machine control cabinet for 1-2 seconds;

2.Occasionally the above phenomenon,only need to press the welding switch to continue welding;

3.Occasionally the above phenomenon,if the welding switch still does not work,you need to rotate the weft position by a k angle or replace a weft to continue working.

Cause: The surface of the weft has rust or the oxide is not conductive,and the weft detecting device does not measure the presence of the weft;

4.If the above problems occur irregularly,it is necessary to clean the dust particles adsorbed on the surface of the positioning magnet,and even need to replace the positioning magnet;

5.Welded wire machine weft wire positioning detection line and positioning magnet connection screw loose contact is poor,need to check the connection screws and wires to ensure contact.

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