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Welded mesh production line exporter

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Welded mesh production line exporter,Jiaoyang introduces the working principle of thefully automatic welded wire mesh fence production line. The fully automatic welded wire mesh fence production line adopts numerical control synchronous control technology. The welding time and the sub-control welding time are all composed of PLC digital programming system. The input panel is two kinds of touch screen or keyboard, and the operation is more intelligent and rationalized. The guardrail mesh welding machine is compacted once and divided. The advantage of this control is that there are more than 30 different sizes of mesh between the warp and weft on the same web surface. The welding uses a new type of high-efficiency water-cooled welding transformer to expand the range of welding wire diameter. Easy to operate, flexible, and several times the throughput of a manual single spot welder.

Fully automatic welded wire mesh fence production line

Six features of the fully automatic welded wire mesh fence production line:

1.Welded mesh production line net machine has a wide range of applications and can be used for welding: welding of high-speed fence nets, community fence nets, airport fences, engineering fences, breeding fence nets, etc.

2.The host computer adopts PLC programming control system for control, and the control precision is high. The control system is separately integrated into the host control electric cabinet. The production can be controlled by the touch screen or button of the electric cabinet. The operation is simple and one person can complete the production. operating.

3.The fully automatic welded wire mesh fence production line adopts servo motor to control the automatic circulation pulling net, the net surface of the pulling net is flat, the mesh is even, and the pulling power is strong.

4.The weft feeding of welded mesh production line is controlled by stepping motor, automatic circulating feeding, accurate blanking, neat welding edges, no need for trimming, and the feeding of the wire through the wire is cyclically fed without manual placement.

5.The welding transformer adopts a controllable multi-stage transformer. The welding voltage range is expanded to eight gear positions, the welding wire diameter range is expanded, and the machine use range is expanded.

6.Using the principle of resistance welding, with a mechanical pressurization, the characteristics of split welding, welding is completed in an instant, the solder joint is firm, electric resistance welding has the characteristics of cost saving, energy saving and environmental protection, welding mesh adjustment.

Fully automatic welded wire mesh fence production line

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