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Welded mesh machine welding strength is not normal

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Fault phenomenon 6:The solder joint strength of the welded mesh machine welding workpiece is too small or too large

Causes and elimination of the fault:The above situation is generally caused by the improper adjustment of the welding time and the welding heat.The user should refer to the instruction manual of the welding controller attached to the welding controller to adjust the welding heat and welding time.The specific parameters should be According to the welding performance of the welding workpiece,the principle is that the welding effect is better when the current is short,and the effect is poor.

Special attention should be paid to the welding difference of individual solder joints.It is best to check the contact problems between the upper and lower electrode holder electrode blocks and the electrode holder and the welding transformer connecting cable.Do not adjust the welding time and welding heat arbitrarily.

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