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Welded mesh is defective and cannot be used

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Fault phenomenon 12:In the welding machine welding process,the cross wire is not in place or the machine cannot be automatically stopped after the weft is missing.The welded mesh can not be used.

Causes and elimination of the fault:

1.The cross wire detection switch in the control cabinet is not opened,so that the welding is not detected if the weft is in place or the contact is reliable,so that the defective product appears;

2.The weft positioning magnet fixing frame insulation pad is not insulated,the welding residue oil on the insulating pad should be treated or the insulating pad should be replaced;

3.Short circuit between the weft blanking detection lines or one of the wires is short-circuited with the welding net machine body,so that the weft blanking material cannot be correctly detected.

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