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Use of ribbed wire mesh welding machine

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Ribbed wire mesh welding production line,suitable for the production of ribbed wire mesh,the welding speed is fast,the mesh size is accurate,the welding point is firm,and the excess edge is minimized.

The steel mesh welding machine is fully automatic feeding,welding and shearing,and gradually eliminates high-intensity labor and low-efficiency formwork manual welding machine.

Note:Ribbed wire mesh make up for the shortcomings of traditional scaffolding steel,wood and bamboo scaffolding.It is a new product that is safe,convenient,economical,beautiful and practical.

Ribbed wire mesh welding machine production process: automatic feeding (traverse ribs/longitudinal ribs)---automatic straightening---welding net forming---fixed cut net---mesh automatic stacking (optional) one time completion, greatly Reduce corporate labor costs and increase efficiency.

The ribbed wire mesh welding machine adopts PLC programming control,humanized operation interface,easy to operate and master.The mesh specification is adjusted by numerical control,and all welding parameters and production data are set conveniently and quickly.

Ribbed wire mesh welding machine specification

1.The width of the net is 2 meters

2.Welding diameter is 3.8mm to 6.5mm

3.Welding transformer air self-cooling

4.Once the welding form is compacted,sub-control welding

5.Adjustable welding pressure

6.Adjustable diameter of wire

7.The pitch of the weft wire is automatically changed when the input hole diameter of the computer is input.

8.The warp and weft are pre-aligned and cut

ribbed wire mesh

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