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The cross wire feeding mechanism is abnormal

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Fault phenomenon 14:After the welding wire mesh cross wire feeding mechanism works for a period of time,the feeding is not normal,and irregularly,sometimes two weft yarns are sent.

Causes and elimination of the fault:

1.The distance between the cross wire and the positioning baffle is increased.It is necessary to loosen the bearing bush fixing screw between the wire shaft and the wire mesh machine body,and then adjust the position of the tile to ensure the wire wheel which distance between the edge and the weft positioning baffle can be between the standard range.

2.Check if the depth of the wire mesh wheel groove of the welding net machine is deepened,and at the same time,about two weft wires can be stuck.For this case,the position of the support wheel of the twisting wheel can be adjusted or a new twisting wheel can be replaced;

3.After welding for a period of time, the weft wire blanking positioning device of the welding net machine will wear out and cause the gap to become larger.It is necessary to adjust the upper and lower positions of the positioning baffle or adjust the gap between the reeling wheel and the positioning baffle.

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