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Steel bar wire mesh production line

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Steel bar wire mesh production line safety operation procedures

1. Pay attention to the lubrication of linear rails, gears and other parts before running.

2. Correctly use the operation buttons and control devices on the equipment, and do not arbitrarily change the setting parameters of the control cabinet.

3. Check whether the transmission, connection, lubrication and other parts of the equipment and the protective device are normal. The upper and lower electrode parts of the fixing screws must be firm and not loose.

4. Before the steel bar wire mesh production line is inspected, check whether the cooling water is normal, whether the surface of the electrode tip is clean, whether there is any foreign matter on the surface of the workbench, whether there is water in the triplet assembly treated by the air source, and whether the lubricating oil is missing or not. The water runs under oil shortage.

5. The operator must learn, master the structure and performance of the equipment, be familiar with the operating procedures and obtain the operating permission before proceeding.

steel bar wire mesh production line

6. During the working process, the operator should stand properly, the hand and head should be kept at a certain distance from the moving parts of the equipment, and the material in the horizontal storage bin should be checked in time. It is strictly forbidden to chat with others during work.

7. When the horizontal wire falls out of place during the welding process, it must be stopped quickly and manually processed to fill the horizontal wire to continue operation.

8. The welding control button and the operator handling the emergency situation must be one person. It is not allowed to operate at the same time to avoid accidents. The steel bar wire mesh production line must ensure that the welding operation can be carried out in the presence of steel bars and that no welding can be carried out at no load.

9. The temperature of the welded steel mesh solder joint is very high. Keep the hand away from the solder joint when removing the mesh to avoid burns.

10. Stop the machine at the end of the work, cut off the power, wipe the machine, and organize the environment.

steel bar wire mesh production line

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