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Security wire mesh welding machine

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Security wire mesh welding machine features:

1. The machine consists of 3 parts, which are divided into mainframe, pull net runway and automatic push-wire mechanism.

2. Control adopts PLC programming, touch screen, one-button operation, more intelligent and rationalized

3. The weft straightening cuts off the automatic wire drop and automatically increases the material; the warp straightens and cuts the artificial placement, and the warp is equipped with automatic wire pushing to save time and improve efficiency.

4. The pulling net is pulled by the servo motor acceleration and deceleration machine. The running track is combined with the imported linear guide rail and the rack, which can make the mesh more precise, and the diagonal error is controlled within ±2mm.

5. The upper electrode of security wire mesh welding machine is pressurized by the cylinder, and the pressure adjustment is convenient and precise.

6. Uniform welding of multiple solder joints at a time

7. The descent and ascending speed of the pressurizing head can be arbitrarily adjusted to alleviate the pressure shock to the workpiece and also reduce the noise.

8. The secondary conductor adopts the upper insulation mode, and the insulation performance is stable and reliable.

9. The main circuit uses high-power thyristor components, and the output power is strong, stable and reliable.

10. The operation is controlled by the foot switch, which has high productivity and low labor intensity.

11. The security wire mesh welding machine is suitable for welding metal mesh and mesh cover.

security wire mesh welding machine

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