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Reinforcing mesh welding machine manufacturer

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The China Reinforced wire mesh machine exporter specializes in the production of equipment. The welding control of the steel wire mesh machine produced by the sun wire mesh equipment adopts computer control, which achieves accurate welding time, current balance and low failure rate.

1. The welding main machine of China Full automatic reinforcing mesh production line adopts imported famous brand pneumatic components, which has long service life, high precision and high pressure, which promotes firm solder joints.

2. The welding transformer adopts a new type of high-efficiency welded mesh transformer. The shifting gear can be divided into eight grades, which expands the range of welding wire diameter. Professional design of the lower electrode block, low wear rate, and multi-faceted use.

3. The netting system uses computer programming control, the horizontal rib spacing is infinitely adjusted, and the changing hole pitch is set by the program. There can be a variety of different transverse rib spacing on the same mesh.

4. The control system of China Full automatic reinforcing mesh production line adopts PLC programming controller, touch display, convenient operation interface and simple working mode.

5. the blanking system adopts the patented technology, the single root is single, the barrel is blanked, and no manual placement is required.

6. The welded wire mesh has a wide range of uses and has been widely used in industrial and civil buildings for floor slabs, roofs, walls, bridges, concrete pavements, floors, airports, cement pipes, concrete prefabricated parts, retaining walls, mountain slopes, tunnels, Docks, dams, etc.

Specific parameters of China Full automatic reinforcing mesh production line:

1 The maximum welded mesh width is 3300mm, and the welded steel bar diameter is 3mm-12mm;

2 diameter wire spacing ≥ 50mm, any adjustable

3 weft hole spacing ≥ 50mm, any adjustable

4 welding transformer air self-cooling (or water cooling), power greater than 1500KVA, can achieve a single compression, divided welding;

Model use: Production of coal mine underground support mesh, welding diameter 4mm~7mm, mesh size up to 2m*6m (over-range customer reservation).

Performance and characteristics of China Full automatic reinforcing mesh production line: Synchronous control technology is adopted for the welding network of motor power coal mine support network. The sub-control welding and welding time are controlled by PLC digital programming system. The input panel is touch screen or button, and the operation is more intelligent. It is rationalized, and has the characteristics of one-time compression and split welding. The welding power of the machine is electric, adopting stepper motor hopper, brake motor drives the car to drive through, and the stepping motor drives the trolley to pull the net. Both the warp and the weft are cut off by the straightening machine.

China Full automatic reinforcing mesh production lineChina Full automatic reinforcing mesh production line


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