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Reinforcing Steel Mesh Machine

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Reinforcing steel mesh welding machine adopts synchronous control technology. The welding time and sub-control welding are managed by the automatic control system. The man-machine interface is intelligent and humanized. The main frame is made of thick steel plate and profile welded to make the main structure more firm and compact. The frequency conversion speed brake motor is matched with the helical gear reducer to connect the main shaft, which makes the welding more stable and efficient. 

The welding power electronic control of reinforcing steel mesh welding machine adopts a method of compacting and controlling the power transmission, that is, when welding the same row of weft wires, the welding transformers are separately operated to reduce the requirements on the power transformer.

1. Weft blanking mechanism: The stepping motor is used to drive the disc device to automatically blank the material, and the single single drop makes the weft laying more accurate.

2. Diameter wire feeding mechanism: The servo motor is used to drive the pneumatic pressing wire feeding device, and the wire is sent to the welding position, saving the time for placing the wire. (optional)

3. Pulling mechanism of reinforcing steel mesh welding machine: adopting servo motor to drive pneumatic clamping and pulling device, the size of the pulling net is more precise, the size of the net is touch screen input, and a variety of weft spacing can be set on the same net to bring flexibility to the customer. Convenience; continuous reciprocating drawing net can realize the production of extended size mesh.

4. Control system: Adopt Panasonic PLC automatic control system, with touch screen input, intelligent and simple operation.

5. Welding transformer: It adopts a new type of high-efficiency epoxy resin pouring type water-cooled welded wire mesh special transformer, which is smaller in size and safer than traditional transformers.

6. Diversification of welding mesh: The spacing of the wire can adjust the related parts, the input of the weft spacing touch screen, and can set a variety of weft spacing on the same mesh to bring flexibility and convenience to the customer.

Model use of reinforcing steel mesh welding machine:

It is mainly used for the welding of steel mesh for construction such as bridges, pavements and floor pouring roofs.

China efficient reinforcing steel mesh welding machine

China efficient reinforcing steel mesh welding machine

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