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Reinforcing Mesh Production Welding Machine CE / ISO9001

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As China mesh reinforcement machine exporter,our reinforcing Mesh Production Welding Machine has multi-spot welding function, advanced control system enables the machine to weld the mesh in any sequence or any way. Using high quality air cylinder to provide welding force, the output is much more stable and durable than conventional mechanical type welding machines.

Also Reinforcing Mesh Production Welding Machine features can be made by your idea together with our engineer technique support.Varies materials can be welded: weld mild steel wire, stainless wire, galvanized steel wire.Mesh panels: weld construction mesh panel, fridge shelf panel, shelf rack mesh panel, reinforcing mesh panels. 

Reinforcing Mesh Production Welding Machine:producing rolled mesh in varies size.All kinds of mesh products: weld cage for bird, pet cage welding, mesh trolley welding, weld wire mesh basket, wire tray, fridge condensers, cable tray mesh etc.

Reinforcing Mesh Production Welding Machine

Features of reinforcing mesh production welding machine:

1. Easy to operate: to finish one panel mesh, only need to turn on one auto-running button.

2. Unique design of the cross wire input hopper: the reinforcement mesh line will stop if there are no wires or abnormal happens, and it will run, when everything is OK.

3. Welding stop function: when the wire welding, the main motor will stop temporarily, will continue to run after welding, insure the welding quality.

4. Main motor servo control of reinforcing mesh production welding machine: with Delta VE high-end frequency concerter and PG card to make the main motor 0-1500r/min increase or decrease speed is 0.02s, zero speed, could 200% torque run, ensure the quick reaction of the machine.(motor with Omron encoder)

5. Helical gear reducer: to ensure the machines high load run, and outside installation, easy for maintenance.

6. Mesh output device: with Panasonic servo motor and planetary gear, ensure the system stability and end products precision.

7. Automatic back to zero: reinforcing mesh production welding machine finished products, the mesh output device will automatically back to zero.

8. Automatic turn on: with line wire input device, after finishing send the line wires, the machine will automatically turn on the machine.

9. Failure display: when the reinforcement mesh line fail, it will show on the touch screen(HMI) in english, very easy to maintain.

10. Parameter set: all the parameter could be set on the touch screen in English.

11. All the spare parts are from famous brand at home and abroad.

Reinforcing Mesh Production Welding Machine

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