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Reinforcement wire mesh welding machine

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Welding machine for construction mesh use: highway, high-speed railway, subway construction, railway, bridge, surrounding mountain (fence net, fence network); construction (floor pouring top net)

1.Reinforcement wire mesh welding machine tool welding uses synchronous electronic power control technology, welding time, sub-control welding, welding mesh, welding speed, etc. through the host integrated PLC programming control system for control. The host interface consists of a touch screen and buttons, which is easy to operate and easy to learn.

2.The welding principle uses the principle of electric resistance welding, with the characteristics of one-time pressurization and split welding, the welding time is short, and the welding point is completed in an instant after pressing.

3.The main machine is welded by standard steel. The main body structure is reasonable and the structure is stable and firm.

4.The welding transformer adopts the controllable multi-stage transformer control to expand the range of welding wire diameter of the machine and expand the scope of use of the machine.

Reinforcement wire mesh welding machine

The feeding system of the reinforcement wire mesh welding machine adopts automatic feeding of the weft feeding material, and the blanking is controlled by the stepping motor, and the blanking is accurate, no manual addition is required, and the feeding through the wire is manually added.

5. The pulling net is controlled by servo motor, which automatically pulls the net and pulls the net surface to be flat.

The welding machine for construction mesh has a wide range of applications. It is mainly used for the welding of construction mesh products, including the welding of mesh products such as building exterior wall insulation nets and floor heating nets. It can also produce mesh products such as fence nets and breeding nets.

construction mesh welding machine

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