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Reinforcement Mesh Line I(pre-cut Wire)

Reinforcement mesh line I is an automated steel mesh welding equipment,Reinforcing steel mesh is mainly used in coal mine roadway protection and reinforcement, concrete pavement, deck pavement, airport runway, tunnel lining, house floor, roof, wall, floor, concrete pipe, pile and so on.

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Reinforcement Mesh Line I(pre-cut wire)

Introduction and Applications:

Reinforcement mesh line I is an automated steel mesh welding equipment,Reinforcing steel mesh is mainly used in coal mine roadway protection and reinforcement, concrete pavement, deck pavement, airport runway, tunnel lining, house floor, roof, wall, floor, concrete pipe, pile and so on.

Reinforcement Mesh Line I (pre-cut wire) Features:

1.Both line and cross wires are fed from pre-cut wires. line wires are sent by labor and fed automatically while cross wires are added and fallen automatically from the hopper, it adopts servo motor to pull the mesh repeatedly. when it is welding and drawing, labors could prepare the wires for next, so it has increased the production efficiently.

2.Both the welding electrodes and transformers are equipped with water-cooling system to prolong the service life.

3.Cooling circuit with stainless steel quick plug connector, change the machine convenient and quick; use high temperature water hose, to prevent welding slag hot.

4.The welding adopts synchronous power control and separate-control, welding process is controlled synchronously by electric board, making the welding transformers working simultaneously or separately.

5.Main structure of welding machine adopts motor drive, spring weighted, making cost cheap.

6.Welding material can be hot-rolled ribbed bar, cold-rolled ribbed bar, hot-rolled plain bar, cold-rolled plain bar, etc.

7.Can be equipped with the devices of turning over, dropping, automatic packaging.

Reinforcement Mesh Line I Technological processes:

Technological processes.pdf

Reinforcement Mesh Line I(pre-cut wire).jpg

1.Line wire support shelf   2.Auto.line wire feeding  3.Main welding machine  4.Cross wire hopper  5.CNC servo mesh pull cart  6.Mesh support shelf   7&8.Mesh fallen and out unit   9.CNC servo mesh output unit  10&11.Turning over mesh unit   12&13.Auto.line wire hold and feed unit

Detail Image:

1  1Technological Processes

Line wire support shelf and Technological Processes

2  2Technological Processes

Auto.line wire feeding and Technological Processes

3  3Technological Processes

Main welding machine and Technological Processes

4  4Technological Processes

Cross wire hopper and Technological Processes

5  6

CNC servo mesh pull cart                                                                  Mesh support shelf

Line wire fedding device,Line wire fedding railway length is 4.5m,make sure the successive production.Speed of the line wire feeding cart:1.5m/s

7  8

Mesh fallen and output unit

Cross wire hopper,Loading capactiy of hopper:1.5-2t,Cross wires are pushed by servo pushing device,which save the fallen time.


CNC servo mesh output unit

Welding unit,Welding pressure is from big springs,which saves the maintain cost.Mesh size is adjustable 100-300mm Weldingspeed:upto 80times/min.

10  11

Turning over mesh unit

Pulling mesh hook,15KW servo motor pulling mesh hook,speed 3m/min.Mesh pulling railway length is 4.5m,the pullling cart can run in round-trip.

Technical parameters:






Number of electrodes





Max.mesh width

≤2500 mm

≤2900 mm

≤3300 mm


Wire diameter

3-8 mm&5-12mm

5-12 mm

5-12 mm


Mesh length





Line wire space

100-300 mm

100-300 mm

100-300 mm


Cross wire space


50 mm

50 mm


Electric capacity





Welding speed





Control system




Installation and training:

Our company is responsible for equipment installation and commissioning and after-sales service, and technical staff assigned to the scene to install the guidance and debugging work, and customer equipment operation and maintenance of on-site training.

Equipment maintain:

1.In strict accordance with the Jiaoyang provided equipment manuals for operation and maintenance.

2.In strict accordance with the requirements prepare the installation site.

3.Provide the power and water to meet the requirements.

4.Equipment should be used in the workshop, the working environment will directly affect the performance and service life of equipment.

Precautions for use

1.Before use, check the power connection is solid

2.Welding machine shell must be grounded, the ground is not wet;

3.Adjust the secondary voltage according to the wire diameter, the power switch is turned on;

4.Do not touch the charged body to prevent shock and burn;

5.Check the welding head, spring, rod for damage and loose, timely recovery and repair;

6.After the end of each class to check the electrical control components are normal, such as damage should be replaced and repaired;

7.Mechanical transmission components damaged timely repair. Electrical control section as soon as possible with the manufacturer.

8.Do not open the control box when power is on, do not allow to touch the internal components by hand, to avoid electric shock

9.When checking the internal wiring and control panel wiring, be sure to cut off the power.

10.Do not touch the components inside the control panel, otherwise the components may be damaged.

11.The control box connected to the use of cooling water and ensure adequate flow of cooling water and pressure. Check the cooling system regularly.

12.Regularly (once a month) check the power box wiring.

After-sales service:

Equipment warranty for one year, part of the life of equipment maintenance procedures, wearing parts and electronic parts are not covered under warranty.

Equipment failure I will reply within an hour, the first time to the customer site for maintenance

After the warranty, our company provides lifelong after-sales service support, as well as preferential prices to provide equipment components.

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