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Reinforced wire mesh welding production line

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With the development of China's economy and the improvement of the level of industrialization of buildings, the adoption of new technologies and new technologies in the construction industry has been changing with each passing day. The traditional manual tying of reinforced wire mesh in construction has been difficult to adapt to the needs of the current high-speed development of construction projects due to slow construction speed, unreliable quality, high consumption of materials and large loss of material.

The reinforced wire mesh welding production line replaces the manual lashing of steel bars with its unparalleled advantages. It has become an inevitable trend in the development of the construction industry. Jiaoyang assists steel welding equipment and continuously strengthens the technical service force, so that every user who chooses the sun machine has no worries.

reinforced wire mesh welding production line

The reinforced wire mesh welding production line adopts synchronous control technology. The sub-control welding and welding time are controlled by digital programming system. It has the characteristics of one compression and split welding. The welding power is electric. The stepper motor hopper is used, and the brake motor drives the trolley. Sending, the stepper motor drives the trolley to pull the net. Both the warp and the weft are cut by the straightening machine, the vertical wire is placed manually, and the horizontal wire is automatically dropped.

The reinforced wire mesh welding production line adopts synchronous control technology, and the welding current and time of each welding transformer can be separately adjusted. The vertical wire is continuously fed by the wire, the weft is straightened and cut, and the placing order is automatically completed. The pulling system is controlled by a servo motor to ensure the adjustable distance between the longitudinal and the weft.

reinforced wire mesh welding production line

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