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Reinforced wire mesh machine manufacturer

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In the field of welded wire mesh, traditional manual welding is not only time-consuming and laborious, but also has long been unable to meet the needs of society. What followed was the birth of the welding machine. Jiaoyang is a reinforced wire mesh machine manufacturer, focusing on the field of welding mesh for 30 years, with wisdom and manufacturing for the benefit of mankind.

China Full automatic reinforcing mesh production line

Advantages of  Jiaoyang China Full automatic reinforcing mesh production line:

1.The main machine is made of thick steel plate and profile welded, and the structure is firmer and compact.

2.The welding system adopts PLC programming control, Chinese display (or Chinese-English bilingual), humanized operation interface, can meet the production of different mesh (like a mesh with different mesh size problems), easy to operate, no matter Operators of any cultural background can use the skills of simple training.

3.China Full automatic reinforcing mesh production line welding electrode head is made of high quality chrome zirconium copper material, which has long service life and reduced production cost.

4. The welding transformer of reinforced wire mesh machine is controlled by a precision microcomputer, which can realize one pressurization and multiple welding, which makes the welding more firm, more stable and faster, and the mesh is more flat and more intelligent. At the same time, the input power requirement is reduced, and it is more suitable for the factory environment.

5.Reinforced wire mesh machine adopts mechanical welding method. Compared with pneumatic welding method, the pressure is relatively uniform during the production process, the welding point is firm, stable, fast, more cold-resistant, high-temperature resistant, equipment is not easy to malfunction, operation and maintenance The cost is reduced and the noise inside the plant is small.

6.With a number of national patented technologies, horizontal wire feeding, mesh precise positioning and other structures, equipment failure automatically shut down.

7.By configuring the remote module, remote diagnosis and remote fault repair of the customer's wire mesh machine can be realized.

China Full automatic reinforcing mesh production line

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