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Rebar wire mesh welding production line

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The rebar wire mesh welding line is a conventional steel bar processing equipment in the mine roadway. Its advantage is that the welding anchor net is formed quickly and the welding is firm. With the continuous increase of mining power in China's coal mines and iron mines, the protection of safety protection measures has the property of the mining area personnel. Significance.

The use of rebar wire mesh welding line is to improve the quality and output of anchor net of coal mine. It adopts multi-point welding technology of resistance, gantry frame design, cylinder drive electrode pressurization, automatic tightening of steel bar contacts, medium frequency DC instantaneous large current, guarantee mesh The speed of the row of welding machines, the mesh surface is flat and the diagonal lines are aligned. The coal mine support net is also a steel mesh, anchor net and steel welded net. It is made by spot welding of steel mesh welded mesh machine. It has strong bearing capacity, corrosion resistance and uniform mesh. It is suitable for coal mine support and foundation pit fence. , equipment isolation network, tunnel support network, bridge pavement network, reinforced concrete network, etc.

Rebar wire mesh welding production line

Rebar wire mesh welding line troubleshooting:

1. Spare parts: Due to the special processing method of welding, the gradually increasing high temperature exacerbates the damage of the welded stud. In order to solve this problem, our company will equip the company with a number of wearing parts to facilitate the customer's fault. exclude;

2. Sudden emergency repair service: If the user fails to eliminate the equipment, the company will dispatch personnel to the site as soon as possible according to the user's request, and promptly solve the problem for the user to resume production;

3. The equipment is guaranteed for one year from the time of installation and commissioning, including: main engine, power distribution cabinet, speed regulating motor, reducer and welding transformer. It does not contain consumables (and is considered damaged).

Rebar wire mesh welding production line

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