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Rebar wire mesh making machine manufacturer

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As a rebar wire mesh making machine manufacturer, Jiaoyang is proud to introduce you that the rebar wire mesh making machine is suitable for large-scale steel mesh production. It adopts 1-12 welding transformers to control the number of welding points to form N loops, and uses the principle of resistance welding to weld. The user purchases according to the actual grid capacity and production scale.

Rebar wire mesh making machine mainly produces and processes building mesh, steel mesh, double T mesh, scaffolding mesh, geothermal net, seedbed net, etc. The welded stud of the construction steel mesh welding machine is made of chrome-plated copper. Compressive and wear-resistant, steel mesh welded mesh machine features, good electrical and thermal conductivity, long service life, cooling mode water circulation refrigeration.

The Jiaoyang reinforced mesh welding machine is mainly composed of the following parts: 1. Host control system: It adopts PLC programming control system for control. Its main program is concentrated in the main electric cabinet. By adjusting the host's control touch screen or the host's button The mesh size can be adjusted. 2.The whole machine is welded by standard steel. The main frame is firm and can be damaged for many years. 3.blanking system: horizontal wire blanking, manual feeding, stepping motor control automatic blanking. Longitudinal wire feeding, circulating feeding, no need for manual placement 4.welding system of rebar wire mesh making machine: welding with high-efficiency transformer, the production of mesh, welding points are firm, the mesh surface is flat, the mesh face angle error is small. 5.pull the network system: the use of servo motor control, cycle pull the net, according to the practical situation, the production of suitable length of mesh products. 6, cut network system: the use of automatic network cutting device, no need to manually cut the net, automatically cut the net and stack together.

 rebar wire mesh making machine rebar wire mesh making machine

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