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Rebar steel wire mesh welding mesh machine manufacturers troubleshooting

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Brief introduction of various parts of rebar steel wire mesh welding machine:

1.The main frame is welded with thick steel plate and steel, which makes the main structure more firm 

and compact.

2.The structure of the weft blanking mechanism is novel, and the stepping motor is used to automatically 

blank the material, so that the weft wire placement is more accurate.

3.The pulling net adopts the servo motor pulling device to make the size of the pulling net more 

standard and accurate. Variety of weldable meshes.

4.The components related to the latitudinal mesh adjustment are adjustable, and the warp mesh adjustment 

microcomputer control can set different grids.

Rebar steel wire mesh welding machine advantages:

1.Welding adopts a new high-efficiency closed water-cooled welded wire mesh transformer with wide 

voltage regulation range.

2.In order to adapt to the capacity of the user's main power transformer and reduce the current impact, 

the welding power electronic control adopts a method of welding sub-control power transmission, that is, 

when welding the same row of weft wires, the welding transformer is separately operated.

3.The welding power electronic control system adopts synchronous control technology. The welding time 

and sub-control welding are composed of digital integrated circuits, and the control precision is high 

performance and stable.

4.The motor is powered to provide flexible welding pressure for the intersection of vertical and 

horizontal lines. Compared with other domestic brands of compressed air powered welding equipment, the 

welding is stable, the spatter is less, the welding speed is increased, and the initial investment and 

operation and maintenance costs are reduced. The noise inside the factory is small.

rebar steel wire mesh

Common repair of rebar steel wire mesh welding machine

1.Trigger the pull-net sensor, the display screen does not enter the pull-net status display, and still 

displays the ready-to-work status. The pull-net platform does not pull the net: the 12V power supply is 


2.Control the button of the pull-net sensor to the closed state or the button switch is damaged. The 

pitch and number of holes are not set.

3.Trigger the pull network sensor, the display shows that the net is being pulled, and the number of 

remaining holes is reduced by one each time the net sensor is triggered, but the pull net platform does 

not pull the net: the control line of the controller to the drive is broken.

4.The drive is damaged. Whether the second three terminals of the controller rear panel are disconnected 

from the three solder joints of the control circuit board M.CP.45V.

5.Pulling the platform to release the line is not controlled: check whether the control line from the 

controller to the drive is open. Check the drive to stepper motor cable for open circuit.

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