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Poultry safety barrier mesh machine exporter

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Characteristics of poultry safety barrier mesh machine:

1.Main frame: welded with thick steel plate and steel, making the theme structure firmer and more compact.

2.Welding power electronic control system: using synchronous control technology, welding time and sub-control welding are composed of PLC digital programming system, featuring one-time compression and split welding.

3.Discharge device: The weft blanking mechanism is two series of automatic blanking mechanism and hopper blanking mechanism. The automatic blanking machine type is equipped with a precision picking straightening machine; the hopper blanking type only needs to be placed in bundles of weft without manual adjustment.

 poultry safety barrier mesh machine

4.Networking mechanism of poultry safety barrier mesh machine: CNC PLC programmer, microcomputer processor. The input panel is either a touch screen or a button. The advantage of this control is that different sizes of holes between the weft and the weft can appear on the same web; to adjust the hole between the weft and the weft, you only need to input the predetermined size number to achieve the required aperture.

5.The weft is aligned and the professional wire-discharging system is used. After the weft is discharged from the discharging device, the machine will be placed neatly and without trimming.

6.Transformer: The welding adopts a new type of high-efficiency welding transformer. The shifting can be divided into eight grades, which expands the range of welding wire diameter.

Poultry Barrier Mesh Machine

The control system of the poultry safety barrier mesh machine should have the following functions:

1.Real-time control of the welding energy;

2.Real-time control of the mesh interval during the welding process;

3.Effective control of the loading system and the positioning system;

4.Storage of processing parameters and power-down protection function;

5.Real-time monitoring function for processing status, number of welded nets, etc.

6.Report processing functions for operators, process parameters, processing quantities and historical alarms.

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