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Poultry cage production line exporter

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Poultry cage production line

Welding wire diameter: 2-3.5mm

Warp form: continuous wire (wire)

Weft spacing: ≥24mm

Weft form: cut wire

Warp spacing: ≥50mm

Rated voltage: optional

Welding width: 1200mm

Rated power: optional

Welding speed: 120times/min

Dimensions: 1800 × 2500 × 1800mm

Number of solder joints: optional

Machine weight: T

The Jiaoyang Poultry cage production line suppliers has the following differences with other manufacturers producing similar products:

1. The poultry cage production line produced by Jiaoyang adopts the Panasonic brand servo motor to control the drawing net. Compared with the ordinary stepping motor of other manufacturers, the control is more precise.

2. The poultry cage frame production line produced by Jiaoyang adopts the main body of the helical gear reducer, which is convenient for maintenance, low energy consumption, superior performance, low vibration, low noise and high energy saving. This is also the case with other manufacturers of chain-type ordinary motors.

3. The chicken cage mesh welding machine adopts a new circuit board with newer replacement. The welding speed can reach 120 times in one minute, which means that 120 horizontal wires can be welded in one minute, and 800 pieces can be welded in 8 hours a day. sheet. The welding speed of other manufacturers is estimated to be 60 times in one minute and 45 times in normal production. The output is just double the number of others.

4. The poultry cage frame production line produced by Jiaoyang, in addition to the technical requirements of the workers is not high, the entire assembly line includes the straightening and cutting machine, which can be operated by one person. The device is easy to operate, the touch screen inputs parameters, and a rotary button switch. Other manufacturers may still need this fast switch, the brakes, our equipment is a switch.

5. The mesh adjustment is convenient, the upper and lower solder joints can be moved, and all the screws can be moved by rotating.

poultry cage frame production line

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