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Poultry cage mesh welding machine

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Product Description:

The advantages of Poultry cage mesh welding machine are basically reflected in: the upper electrode is pressurized by the cylinder, the pressure adjustment is convenient and accurate; the welding of multiple solder joints can be completed uniformly at one time; the falling and rising speed of the pressing head can be arbitrarily adjusted, the wire row Welded wire machine manufacturers alleviate the pressure shock on the workpiece and reduce noise; the secondary conductor adopts the upper insulation mode, the insulation performance is stable and reliable; the main circuit uses high-power thyristor components, and the output power supply is strong, stable and reliable. Strong; the operation is controlled by the foot switch, which has high productivity and low labor intensity; it is suitable for welding of metal mesh and mesh cover. The produced net welding net machine needs to transport the goods from the warehouse and load the transportation vehicles before transportation. During the shipment process, the warehouse personnel need to count the points and open the goods. The warehouse manager needs to supervise the cargo handlers, and must be handled gently during handling, and no strong impact is allowed.

Poultry cage mesh welding machine

Poultry cage mesh welding machine has many spare parts, which are easily damaged during the handling process. If it is damaged and flows to the after-sales, it will be complained, and the manufacturer needs to compensate for certain economic losses. After the welding equipment is installed on the car, make sure that there are no things that are easy to break inside the car. The things that are easy to burn can not be placed inside. After the inspection, the door should be tightened. Avoid the phenomenon that the door is knocked open during the driving of the car, which is very easy to lose property and cause safety accidents. When the Poultry cage mesh welding machine is transported to the destination, it is necessary to find the relevant person in charge for acceptance, the goods are accepted and accepted, and the goods are unloaded after no objection. The net welding net machine is relatively fast in the whole transportation process, because the situation of loading or unloading in the middle is very troublesome, so it is necessary to avoid accidents before starting.

Automatic Chicken Cage Welding Machine

Poultry cage mesh welding machine’s auxiliary equipment:

1. Barrier Mesh Machine

2. Cage Door Machine

3. Barrier Mesh Machine

4. Wire Straight Cutter Machine

5. Mesh Cutting Machine

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