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Poultry cage mesh welding machine

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Poultry Cage Mesh Welding Machine

Jiaoyang is a manufacturer of welding machines. Distinguished from other manufacturers of welding machines, we specialize in providing building machines for large or outdoor poultry cage construction enclosures.

Jiaoyang poultry cage mesh welding machine was specially designed for the poultry cages and was perfectly suited to the poultry enclosure material.

Poultry Cage Mesh Welding Machine Features:

  1. The cross line is the pre-cut and straightening line, and the line is the coil line. It can weld wire mesh sheets and rolls continuously.

  2. The main structure of the welding machine is to press lines and crosses for strong welding to form the main part of the solder joint. Mainly composed of welding electrode, welding control system, wire and cross wire positioning device

  3. The fixed pull net is mainly composed of three parts: pull net frame, pull net device and support network management. Simple structure, low investment cost

  4. The welding speed can reach 80t/min, and only one person can complete the whole process.

How does a poultry cage ensure a good living environment for the animals?

First of all, you need a large enough space to ensure that the animals have enough space to move around.

Secondly, you need a frame. It must be strong enough to withstand impacts and must be tall enough to prevent animals from escaping. If the cage is good for climbing animals or birds, you will also need to install a top mesh.At this point, you will need to connect them.

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