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Poultry cage mesh production line wholesale

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Poultry cage mesh production line description: This equipment is a CNC high-precision animal husbandry net welding production line. It is suitable for welding chicken cages, dog cages and other cages for breeding cages. It is suitable for small fences and other industrial fields. The model has high degree of automation, high material supply (weft and warp) - automatic straightening - welded mesh forming - fixed cut net - mesh flattening - mechanical arm stacking is a one-time completion of the set of equipment, to a great extent Reduce labor costs for companies.

As a poultry cage mesh production line exporter, poultry cage mesh production line products are applicable: chicken cage net, cage net, geothermal net, breeding net, livestock net, construction net, fence net, ring corn net, support net, storage net, screen net, craft net Wait.

The poultry cage mesh production line has the following advantages:

1.The main frame is welded by thick steel plate and steel, which makes the main structure more firm and compact.

2.The structure of the weft wire feeding mechanism is novel, and the sealing wire feeding mechanism is adopted, and the length of the weft wire is more accurate, and no trimming is required. The organization is highly automated, compact and well laid out.

3.The pulling net adopts elastic rod and grid positioning device, which makes the grid fine-tuning easy and the grid size precision is higher.

4.The welding grid can be diversified. Since the components related to the grid adjustment are adjustable, it gives users flexibility and convenience, and can weld a variety of mesh products.

5.The welding of poultry cage mesh production line adopts a novel high-efficiency welded mesh transformer with wide voltage adjustment range, which can be divided into eight grades, which expands the range of welding wire diameter.

6.The welding power electronic control system adopts synchronous control technology. The welding time and the sub-control welding are composed of digital integrated circuits, and the control precision is high performance and stable.

poultry cage mesh production linepoultry cage mesh production line

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