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Poultry cage machine supplier

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As a poultry cage machine supplier, we know that poultry cage machine is also called animal breed cages mesh welding machine. The main structure of the main series of poultry cage machine is mainly composed of automatic weft insertion mechanism, pulling net mechanism, welding transformer, upper electrode pressing beam mechanism, lower electrode bottom beam mechanism, pulling net mechanism, etc. All the above mechanisms of the animal breed cages mesh welding machine are assembled in the plate frame. On the door frame, it forms a solid and solid host body with good man-machine relationship. The control system of the poultry cage machine is composed of the main motor control part, the welding control part and the weft straightening part. The performance characteristics of the poultry cage machine are: the welding point is firm, there is no burn marks, and the welding speed is fast. And the operation is simple and easy to learn.

Bird cage wire mesh production line

1.Welded wire mesh welding transformer is air self-cooling.

2.The wire is placed manually, and the weft is automatically dropped.

3.Holes of different sizes between weft and weft can appear on the same web.

4.The pitch of the wire is adjustable, and the pitch of the weft can be input to the computer to reach the hole distance you get.

5.Using synchronous numerical control technology, welding time and sub-control welding are composed of PLC digital programming system.

6.The welder has the characteristics of one compression and sub-control welding.

7.The shifting can be divided into nine levels, which expands the range of welding wire diameter.

8.The welding power is electric, adopting the stepping motor hopper, the brake motor drives the trolley to send the warp, and the stepping motor drives the trolley to pull the net.

9.Both the warp and the weft are pre-aligned and cut by the straightening machine.

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