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Poultry cage barrier mesh making machine

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Poultry cage barrier mesh making machine is controlled by computer and PLC programming controller,and the degree of automation is high.It can weld a variety of materials such as hot-rolled ribbed,cold-rolled ribbed, hot-rolled round,cold-rolled round,etc.,and has wide adaptability.According to the user's power consumption, it can be welded once or in multiple times,which is very flexible.The unit is designed as a detachable structure for easy specification and maintenance.The welding system of transformer,thyristor, upper and lower electrodes and the like are forced water-cooled and equipped with flow protection devices,and the unit can work reliably and continuously. 

The Poultry cage barrier mesh making machine pressure of the welding pneumatic system is steplessly adjustable,and it can quickly respond to the change of the steel bar specifications;the welding pressure is uniform and uniform,ensuring the quality of all the welding points.When welding the standard shaping net,the positions of the upper and lower electrodes need not be adjusted,so that the price of the spacing can be changed without time-consuming,and the actual productivity is greatly improved.

The Cage barrier mesh making machine adopts the power electronic synchronous control technology.The welding time and the sub-control welding are composed of digital integrated circuits.The control precision is high,the performance is stable,and the edge of the mesh is neat,no trimming is needed.The pull net adopts the elastic pull rod and the grid positioning device,which makes the mesh fine adjustment easy,the mesh size precision is high,and the welding aperture can be arbitrarily adjusted within the range.

The use of barrier mesh machine:the equipment can be professionally welded chicken cage mesh,breeding mesh, rabbit cage mesh,fox cage mesh,floor heating mesh and other mesh.

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