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Panel fence mesh welding production line

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Panel fence mesh welding production line welding principle

The resistance welding machine compresses the work-piece to be welded between the two electrodes and applies an electric current. The fence welding machine heats the molten metal to a molten or plastic state by using a resistance heat generated by the current flowing through the contact surface of the work-piece and the adjacent region. A method of forming a metal bond.

The welding methods of resistance welding machines mainly include spot welding, seam welding, projection welding and butt welding. The fence welding machine belongs to the spot welding, which is divided into C-type single-head welding machine, C-type multi-head welding machine and gantry type multi-head welding machine. Because the welding electrode is a square electrode, and the upper and lower electrodes are in planar contact, it can be named after welding multiple points or rows at a time. Such machines are generally not movable, and only the work-piece can be moved for welding. Special specifications can be ordered.

Panel fence mesh welding production line features

1.The upper electrode is pressurized by the cylinder, and the pressure adjustment is convenient and accurate.

2.Uniform welding of multiple solder joints at a time.

3.The lowering and rising speed of the pressing head can be arbitrarily adjusted, and the welding machine mitigates the pressure shock to the workpiece and also reduces the noise.

4.The secondary conductor adopts the upper insulation mode, and the insulation performance is stable and reliable.

5.The main circuit uses high-power thyristor components, and the output power is strong, stable and reliable.

6.The operation is controlled by the foot switch, which has high productivity and low labor intensity.

7.Fence mesh welding machine is suitable for welding metal mesh and mesh cover.

panel fence mesh welding production line

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