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Muti-point net welding machine

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The wire mesh welding machine is also called muti-point net welding machine, which is mainly used for welding forming equipment of various types of wire. The muti-point welding machine with suitable electrode forms and electrode materials, and is widely used in the processing and manufacturing of various forms of products such as home appliances, daily hardware, transportation, electrical appliances, electronics, batteries, instruments, meters and other hardware accessories manufacturing. Various forms of spot welding and projection welding of carbon steel, stainless steel, coated steel and various non-ferrous metals such as plates, wires, pipes, screws, nuts, etc.

A resistance welded wire mesh machine compresses a work piece to be welded between two electrodes and applies a current to heat or melt it into a molten or plastic state by a resistance heat generated by a current flowing through a contact surface of the work piece and an adjacent region. A method of forming a metal bond.

The welding methods of resistance welding machines mainly include spot welding, seam welding, projection welding and butt welding.

The spot welding machine belongs to the spot welding, which is divided into C-type single-head welding machine, C-type muti-point net welding machine and gantry type muti-point mesh welding machine. Since the welding electrode is a square electrode, and the upper and lower electrodes are in planar contact, it can be named after welding multiple points or one row at a time. Such a machine is generally not movable, and only the workpiece can be moved for welding. Special specifications can be ordered.

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