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Key points of steel mesh construction

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There are several kinds of steel mesh reinforced steel mesh, steel welded wire mesh, steel welded wire mesh, welded steel mesh, steel mesh, etc. welded steel mesh is longitudinal steel and horizontal steel bars are arranged at a certain distance and at right angles, All intersections are welded together.

Today's society in the construction machinery used in this area of steel mesh technology has been very mature, the application is more common, whether it is highway cement concrete pavement, municipal, highway bridge works or football venues are inseparable from the steel mesh, because the steel mesh So that all kinds of building objects more tight, but also makes the surrounding environment is not destroyed by building materials, steel bars in our lives appear for our production and life has brought more different development situation. At present, for different types of steel mesh, when we use it is also a certain way, in life, the emergence of steel mesh is to let us get safe, but also let us have A certain protective effect exists. Reinforcing steel mesh is actually two kinds of different substances can also be said to be common use of a material, this mesh is through our special production and thus applied, the emergence of steel mesh so that our lives change More convenient and safe.

Reinforcement Mesh Construction Control Points:

1, steel mesh size should meet the design requirements.

2, laying steel mesh in accordance with the following requirements.

3, steel mesh in the palm of the face after the first spray of concrete hanging, and the protection of concrete layer thickness of not less than 2cm.

4, steel mesh should be with the initial spray surface of the ups and downs, and the gap by the spray surface is generally not more than 3cm, and anchor or other fixed device connected firmly.

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