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Jiaoyang spotless mental steel rebar truss making machine

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 Mental rebar truss making machine

      This equipment is steel truss product welding machine,The string is made of three wire,web member is double wire.

      Main welding machine of steel truss machine is composed of welding system, cooling system, bending mechanism and lifting mechanism

     With high production efficiency and simple adjustment,the steel truss welding machine can produce both reinforced truss floor bearing plate and prefabricated building PC truss, which can be used in one machine.

 Technical advantage:

  1. It can produce steel truss floor plate, prefabricated building PC truss, high - speed rail sleeper truss.

  2. Automatic welding molding, high strength.

  3. After forming the product dimension precision is high.

  4. Fast production speed and high degree of automation.

  5. Reduce labor intensity, simple operation and easy maintenance.

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