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Jiaoyang Shelf mesh welding machine

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Shelf mesh welding machine can be furnished in many forms. Their design may vary according to the application to be welded and the rate of production required. Most multiple spot welders are dedicated to a specific application, but some may be capable of welding more than one size of a similar configuration workpiece.

we can customized Shelves mesh welding production line and manufacture for you based on your requirements. Also we will give our suggestions base on our experience.

Applicable of Shelf mesh welding machine:
Widely used for each kinds of fence , hardware mesh, goods shelf, cages, wire frame, steel plate stiffener and others multiple spot welding.

Main Features:

Power Source System of Shelves mesh welding production line: Adopts 2 sets of 100K MFDC transformer, The three-phase power supply, through rectified by a special inverter, is converted into 1000Hz AC voltage and then is transmitted to a medium frequency transformer. The current is rectified in order to supply DC welding current.
Welding Control System of Shelf mesh welding machine: Adopt the intelligent microcomputer quick response touch controller, all-digital control, simple and clear operational interface. Automatic testing and compensation which could guarantee the situation that the machine will be at work only when the current value is in the preset data so as to ensure the stability of welding effect and effective prevention of undesirable phenomena like loose welding and cold joint. It can Store 101 sets of special welding program. The features of quick response and high precision of control may help you obtain high quality of welding spots.
Row Welding Structure: The welding heads of shelves mesh production line which will be installed on the beam. The copper mould is equipped with Model T groove which can be slightly adjusted from left to right. It is convenient to adjust the distance between welding spots. Suitable for welding work pieces with multiple types of pitch. The welding program of row welding heads is flexible. You may choose to weld from the middle to the two sides or from the two sides to the middle or single welding.

Shelf mesh welding machine

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