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How to use the brc wire mesh welding machine

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The brc wire mesh welding machine produced by the steel mesh welding machine manufacturers is widely used in the construction industry, and the welding mesh welding use problem is concerned by users. I hope to know more about the operation. For this reason, the sun is from a professional perspective. Brief introduction to how to use the steel mesh welding machine.

The brc mesh and brc wire mesh welded by the brc wire mesh welding machine are not very strong. It is a headache for our customers. For the convenience of our customers, we have summarized the reasons and solutions for the weak welding of the brc wire mesh welding machine. 

1.The machine adopts synchronous control technology, the system is stable, the work efficiency is high,the service life is long, the precision is high, and the welding spot is welded firmly.

2.The welding transformer of brc wire mesh welding machine adopts a new type of water-cooled high efficiency welded wire mesh transformer, and the welding current can be adjusted arbitrarily, which expands the range of welding wire diameter.

3.The welding copper head is made of special chromium-zirconium copper block for welding, and is cooled by water circulation, which greatly reduces the loss rate and can be used on multiple sides.

4.The wire meshing system of the steel mesh welding machine is controlled by computer programming. The spacing of the transverse bars can be adjusted arbitrarily through the display of the control cabinet. It is convenient and simple to change the hole spacing. Up to dozens of different spacings can be realized on the same mesh.

The brc wire mesh welding machine control system adopts PLC programming controller, touch screen display,convenient operation interface and simple working mode. The horizontal wire blanking system adopts patented technology, and the PLC controls the motor to automatically drop the wire without manual placement. The steel mesh welding machine is mainly divided according to the type of machine and the welding frame. In a model with its specific welding range, the 1.5 m steel mesh welding machine is the case, the name is defined by the width of the mesh. For small batches of mesh welding, according to the size of the mesh, the common semi-automatic welding machine can be used to flex the model with multiple specifications and small batches. Different welding workpieces can be matched with suitable models, which has achieved the goal of small investment and high efficiency.

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