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How To Maintain The Reinforced Wire Mesh Welding Machine

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1.Each terminal screw must be tightened to maintain good contact.
2. The welding machine must not get wet.
3. The place where the power supply is used should be free of gases, steam, chemical deposits, dirt, mold and other explosive and rotating media that will seriously affect the power supply, and there should be no severe vibration and bumps. .
4. Because the welding machine is placed for a long time, the insulation resistance of each winding must be measured before reuse. The resistance value should not be less than 1.5MM, otherwise the insulation treatment should be performed and the attention of the moving partner should be paid attention to. Check for damage.
5. All personnel on the sliding parts of the welding machine should pay attention to maintaining good lubrication.
6. AC contactors and relays should be clean. The electrical contacts should be sanded with fine sandpaper every other month.
7. After welding, the jaw and the surrounding wire speed should be removed at any time, and the welding machine should be kept clean frequently.
8. When the welding work is completed or temporarily leaves the work site, the power supply voltage must be cut off, and the welding machine must be grounded during the work.

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