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High quality breed cage welding wire mesh reinforcing mesh machine

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Quality industrial mesh welding machine uses a synchronous control technique, the welding time and sub-control welding is controlled by PLC digital programming system to make the operation more intelligent, and the welding current and time of every transformer can be adjusted individually, completing automatic operation of wire feeding, straightening, cutting, welding and placing the order. The device of Automatic welded wire mesh machine can be used for net products manufacturing in coal mines, highways, steel bridges, construction, etc.

Advantages of industrial mesh welding machine:

Availability Welded steel net machine is a automated production line of concrete reinforcement construction materials with high strength and high efficiency, it vertically or horizontally lines up the cold-drawn and cold-rolled steel bar as required with a certain space, then spot welds all cross points. The steel wire meshes can apply to the floor, shear wall, road surface, pavement, box culvert, pier, precast unit and other fields. This machine can help to save the steel quantity. Automatic welded wire mesh machine is made of low-carbon hot-rolled wire after the process of cold drawn or cold rolled, the tensile strength of the wire could be reinforced to more than 550Mpa, and thus the dosage of steel can be reduced by 30%.

high quality breed cage welding wire mesh reinforcing mesh machine

1. Automatic welded wire mesh machine produces steel bar welded wire mesh as the common international design and technology required, the productison process can be effectively controlled in order to meet the requirements of mesh size and specifications, there will be no colligation omissions, colligation errors or jerry-build happens, thereby improving the quality of engineering.

2. Using steel mesh can be omitted the time of field banding (time saving is up to 70%), and is conducive to the follow-up concrete construction arrangements and shorten the construction period. Cold-rolled ribbed steel and welded steel mesh as a new type of building materials is listed as the focus of the Ninth Five-Year Plan by the Ministry of Construction, and will be further promoted as one of the ten new application technologies. Its wide application will certainly improve the level of industrialization, and also achieve good economic and social benefits.

4. The parameter of industrial mesh welding machine is accurately calculated and the design specifications are accurately laid out, so the space of each steel bar of the entire mesh is uniformed, the stress transfer is equally, and this structure can prevent the occurrence of cracks. Based on actual test results, the road lay steel mesh can reduce more than 75% of the cracks occurred compared with unreinforced mesh.

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