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High performance mesh welding line wholesale

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What is the characteristic of the high performance mesh welding line?

Thehigh performance mesh welding line generally adopts power electronic synchronous control technology. The welding time and sub-control welding are managed by the automatic control system, and the man-machine interface is intelligent and humanized. The welding transformer is operated separately during welding to reduce the requirements on the power transformer.

High performance mesh welding lineHigh performance mesh welding line

Equipment assembly advantages of high performance mesh welding line:

1. The welding host adopts an integrated variable frequency brake motor and a helical gear reducer to connect the main shaft, and is equipped with a Delta inverter. The electrode block is mounted on the electrode holder and connected to the positive pole of the transformer. The longitudinal and transverse reinforcement joints contact the cylinder drive pressure. Under the current, it can be fixed by current resistance welding, and the whole process is more stable and efficient.

2. Control system PLC automatic control system, with Weilun touch screen can directly input and display equipment operating parameters, intelligent and simple operation.

3. Weft hopper of high performance mesh welding line: Step pre-alignment of the steel bar into the wire-drawing device, with numerical control drive and magnet positioning to adjust the amount and speed of each feed, cylinder drive or stepper motor drive disc device automatic wire drop, hopper storage wire The capacity is large, and the device automatically suspends operation when there is no wire in the hopper.

4. Diameter feeding mechanism of high performance mesh welding line: After the straightening, the reinforcing steel wire is connected through the reducer, the sprocket and the drive shaft to ensure the wire feeding speed, realize the synchronous control of the automatic feeding of the feeding device, and at the same time of welding, the next net can be carried out. The wire is threaded to prepare for work and improve production efficiency. (Optional) Before the welding net machine products have been carefully adjusted according to user requirements (mesh, wire diameter, welding, etc.), after the net machine arrives at the user, the parts are not found to be displaced or loosened. You can try it out. It is found that there are shifts, looseness, etc., which can be carefully adjusted by referring to the above description.

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