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Hebei Has Light Weight Welded Steel Bar Truss Girder Welding Line

The automatic welding production line controlled by digital program is a special equipment to realize the automatic production of steel truss
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steel truss welding production line

Product introduction:

Product introduction:The intelligent CNC steel truss welding production line integrates straightening, bending forming, welding, cutting, collecting and other functions into one. The automatic welding production line controlled by digital program is a special equipment to realize the automatic production of steel truss;





1.wire payoff  2.Feeding system 3.Main welding machine 4.Mesh cutting machine 5.Mesh falling device

The detailed installation dimensions and layout of the equipment can only be provided after the contract and all machine parameters are determined.This equipment is steel truss product welding equipment,The string is made of three wire,web member is double wire.

Max.mesh width 60-80mm
Mesh length 6000mm
Number of electrodes 3
String wire diameter 6-12mm
web member wire  4-8mm
Main transformer capacity 250KVA*2set
pressure mode pneumatic pressure
String wire space 70-300mm

Welding speed18m/min

Note: The above technical parameters can be customized according to customer requirements.

Device description:


1.The discharging device consists of a pay-off plate and a tensioning test.

2.The spool with brake and tensioning detection makes the spool stable and controllable.

 Feeding system:

3.The feeding system consists of straightening, bending machine and wire feeding

4.The bending machine adopts lifting structure, which can be adjusted according to bending specifications.

5.The frame adopts box frame as the square pipe assembly and the frame bolt installation.

Main welding machine:


1.Main welding machine is composed of welding system, cooling system, bending mechanism and lifting mechanism.

2.The upper and lower electrodes and transformers are provided with cooling water circulation to extend the service life of the electrodes and transformers.

3.The cooling loop adopts stainless steel quick plug and pull connector, which makes the machine easy and quick to change.

 Mesh cutting machine:


1.The mesh cutting machine is composed of the upper cutting mechanism, the lower cutting mechanism, the elevating mechanism and the power system.

2.The frame is composed of box plate square tube assembly and fasteners, with stable structure and beautiful appearance.

3.The upper and lower cut mesh mechanism are equipped with their own independent power system, which can respond timely and accurately.

Mesh falling device:


1.The mesh falling device is composed of lifting mechanism, falling dustpan, lifting module, pushing meshmechanism, etc

2.The lifting mechanism is locked when the machine is working normally, and operated manually when the mesh specification is changed for debugging.

Control system:

1.PLC programmable control system, touch screen operation interface.

2.Air pressure detection, cylinder stroke detection and servo alarm function ensure the continuity of the equipment.

3.Meshspecifications and operating parameters of each mechanism are set through the touch screen interface.


The equipment can produce both reinforced truss floor bearing plate and prefabricated building PC truss, which can be used in one machine;The products are widely used in steel structure frame system, prefabricated building system, railway sleepers and other modern building fields.

It can produce steel truss floor plate, prefabricated building PC truss, high - speed rail sleeper truss.
1.Automatic welding molding, high strength.
2.After forming the product dimension precision is high.
3.Fast production speed and high degree of automation.
4.Reduce labor intensity, simple operation and easy maintenance.


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