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Fencing mesh panel machine

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The Fencing mesh panel machine adopts elastic rod and mesh device, which makes the mesh fine adjustment easy, the mesh size precision is high, and the welding aperture can be any within the range. The performance characteristics of the Fencing mesh panel machine are firm, no burn marks, fast welding speed, easy to learn and easy to operate.

 The purpose of this type of fence mesh welding machine is the steel mesh used on professional welding construction sites, highway paving, high-speed rail paving, and steel mesh for the bridge deck. Fence mesh welding machine model use: production of mines, tunnels, iron ore, coal mine metal mine underground roadway support special mesh welding, welding diameter mm ~ mm, mesh size rice * meters beyond the scope of customer reservations).

The fence mesh welding machine direct pressure mechanism has good dynamic performance, fast welding speed rail part, special material friction is small, solenoid valve is directly connected with the cylinder, accelerates the movement speed, improves the jumping speed and reduces the airflow loss. Long service life, low noise, pressure speed adjustment function can adjust the up and down speed of the pressure head to reduce the impact of pressure on the weld. As the buffer function is improved, the buffer speed can be adjusted at any time, mechanical shock is reduced, the service life of the cylinder is improved, and noise is reduced. 

The fence mesh welding machine is safe, convenient and high-performance. The gas path system filter cup is equipped with a shield to prevent the glass fragments from splashing when the cup is broken, and also to prevent the impact caused by external impact. Cups and shields can be handled and easily accessible. 

 For the welding of metal materials such as fence nets and shelf nets, it is necessary to use the fence mesh welding machine. It is a tool for metal welding, and there are many precautions in use.

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