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Fencing mesh machine

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Our company manufacture Wire Mesh Panel Machine which can produce welded wire mesh panels with the cell size from 25mm X 25 mm to 200mm X 200mm with the wire diameter from 2 mm to 8 mm.

Welded Wire Mesh Panel Machine are suitable for spot welding machines, using alternating current with adjustable compression force, with one or more current pulses for cross joints of rods of circular cross section made of carbon steel. In the structure of the machine, a movable contact set was used for the first time. This provides a simple configuration of the machine and also increases the convenience of work and speed. The use of pneumatic devices produced by the Italian company greatly increases the contact time of the contacts and reduces the consumption of compressed air.

Thanks to the use of a guide frame in mesh manufacturing, you get the best mesh quality for meshes with precise dimensions.

You can use different types of wires that deviate from the operating standards. The Wire Mesh Panel Machine has a variety of functions to make grid panels with various cell sizes and panel sizes.

Wire Mesh Panel Machines provided prove that they perform well at work. The Welded Mesh Panel Machine has the advantages of high productivity, ease of operation, and the ability to reset the machine to another type of grid, achieving high reliability through the use of components produced by leading European manufacturers.

Highly protected by electrical equipment, the high quality forced stop system provides reliable operation and allows the machine to be used every 24 hours. The manufacturer provides machine adjustments, run-in, and free training (training period is 2 days).

Our company provides technical support and machine upgrades throughout the life of the machine. We also supply all spare parts and electrodes.

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