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Fence mesh welding production line

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A well-operated fence mesh welding production line not only improves production efficiency, but also saves a lot of labor costs for the enterprise. The material of the welded mesh net welding machine shall have the inspection certificate. When the substitute material is used, it shall not be lower than the main mechanical performance index of the original material.

The working surface of the castings of the fence mesh welding production line should be flat. There should be no casting defects such as slag inclusion, blisters, looseness, pores and cracks. Generally, casting defects are allowed to be repaired. The scope and requirements of repair should be in accordance with JG/T 5011.7. The quality of the castings shall comply with the provisions of JG/T 5011.8. Welds of welded parts shall be neat, the width of the same weld shall be uniform and uniform, and there shall be no defects such as leakage welding, burn through, cracks, etc., and the welding slag shall be cleaned. Fasteners and connectors should be connected firmly and reliably, and should not be loose. The same type of fence mesh welding machine parts produced by the same manufacturer shall be interchangeable. After the equipment is assembled, the operation should be flexible and stable without abnormal noise.

fence mesh welding production line

The non-machined surface of the fence mesh welding production line should be flat; the exposed metal surface should be treated with anti-rust treatment; the thickness of the environmentally-friendly paint should be uniform, flat and uniform in color, and there should be no defects such as stickiness, peeling, wrinkling and sagging. All enclosures should be flat and securely mounted and reliable.

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