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Fence mesh welding machine wholesale

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As a China steel fence welded wire mesh machine factory,we know thar the welding current of the fence mesh welding machine is controlled by microcomputer synchronously. The welding current and time of each welding transformer can be adjusted separately. The fence mesh welding machine operation interface adopts color touch screen and control buttons, which is convenient and simple to operate.

The main frame of the fence mesh welding machine is frame structure, the performance is stable, the welding pressure is continuously adjustable, the welding points are firm and beautiful. The power is an integrated deceleration electromagnetic brake motor, which is controlled by frequency converter, the speed is adjustable, the upper and lower electrodes are modularized, the mesh adjustment is convenient and fast, the horizontal wire hopper is used for stepping motor to drive the disc device, and the electric magnetic material feeding device.

Fence mesh welding machine

The horizontal wire of fence mesh welding machine is automatically fed into the disc device preparation area from the large silo, and the horizontal wire hopper is mounted on the movable pull net frame for convenient adjustment and maintenance. The pulling net part is driven by a servo motor, and various horizontal crosses can be set on the same mesh. Wire spacing, continuous reciprocating drawing of the net to achieve long-size mesh, pneumatic clamping device to make the horizontal wire spacing accurate, vertical wire feeding part using stepper motor to drive the wire feeding car, can be placed in the mesh welding,The longitudinal threads of the mesh make the machine work interval very short.

Auxiliary Equipment: 

Fence mesh welding machine includes fence mesh bending machine,temporary Fence Welded Wire Mesh Machine.

fence bending machine

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