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Fence mesh welding machine made in china

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Hebei Jiaoyang fence mesh welding machine main features

Operating System: HMI+ Control Panel

Power System: Motor Servo Control (5.5KW)

Pulling system: Panasonic servo motor (2KW)

1.The device is easy to operate: only one automatic operation button is required to complete the operation of one product.

2.Unique funnel control scheme:no wire or falling wire inside the funnel is abnormal,the equipment is suspended until the funnel is normal.

3.Welding pause function of fence mesh welding machine:When the wire diameter is welded,the main motor is suspended,and the welding is continued after the welding to ensure the welding quality.

4.Motor servo control:equipped with Delta VE high-end inverter + PG card to make the main motor 0-500r/min acceleration and deceleration time 0.02s,200% torque operation at zero speed,ensuring the rapid response capability of the equipment.(Motor with Autonics encoder)

5.Helical gear reducer:In order to ensure the high load operation of the equipment,the K series helical gear reducer with large torque bearing capacity is adopted, and the external installation ensures the maintenance-friendly characteristics.

6.Pulling system of fence mesh welding machine:equipped with Panasonic servo motor + planetary reducer to ensure the stability of the system and the standard of product size.

7.Automatic zero return:When the device completes the product,the pull system automatically returns to zero.

8.Automatically pull out the mesh:After completing the product,you can choose whether to pull the product out.

9.Fault display:When the device of fence mesh making machine is faulty,it will be displayed on the touch screen (HMI),which is convenient for maintenance of the device.

10.Device parameters:All parameters of the device can be set on the touch screen.

11.The parts used in the fence mesh welding machine are all well-known brands at home and abroad.For other electrical appliances in the cabinet,Schneider,Tianzheng,Taiwan Mingwei and other products are used.

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