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Double wire fence mesh welding machine

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Double wire fence mesh welding machine use precautions:

1. Before starting the machine, the protective cover and protective cover removed during transportation should be installed, otherwise it may endanger personal safety.

2. Do not touch the moving mechanism near any part of the body or any object, such as the moving net trolley, the upper beam, the horizontal hopper, the clap mechanism, the drive sprocket, the chain, the induction body, etc., to avoid injury.

3. Do not touch the proximity switch of double wire fence welding machine after power-on and the conductor parts with dangerous voltage in the cabinet, transformer, etc. If you need to test and debug, you need to do it by professionals.

4. Do not put your hand between the upper and lower electrodes that are being pressurized.

5. Do not electrify the wire mesh machine to control the wiring plug and lift the top protective plate of the transformer.

6. Do not remove or break the grounding safety protection line on the main unit and the electric control cabinet. Check the grounding safety protection line regularly.

7. When the fuse in the electric control cabinet is blown, the double wire fence welding machine should be shut down first, and the electrician should check the cause of the fuse, and then replace it with the fuse of the same type and specification. Failure to do so will cause fire and burn the device.

8. Do not adjust the components inside the control cabinet. Do not accidentally put tools, wire, etc. into the electrical cabinet or on the top of the machine and on the rack of the pull frame.

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