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Different types of welded wire mesh machine

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Welding Wire Mesh Machine for Coal Mine
Model purpose: to produce mesh for underground coal mine support, weldable diameter 4mm ~ 7mm, mesh size maximum 2m * 6m .

Characteristics of Welding Wire Mesh Machine for Coal Mine:

The welding wire mesh machine adopts synchronous control technology,and welding time are controlled by PLC digital programming system. The input panel is touch screen or button and the operation is more intelligent and rational. The characteristics of secondary welding, the welding power of this machine is electric, adopts stepper motor hopper, brake motor drives the car to let off, and stepper motor drives the car to pull the net. Both warp and weft are straightened and cut by the straightening machine.

Heavy-duty reinforced wire mesh welding machine

It mainly produces reinforced steel mesh for concrete pouring in bridges, water conservancy, highways, national key projects, etc. The width of the welded mesh can be up to 2.5 meters, the length can be up to 12 meters, and the welding diameter is 6mm ~ 12mm.

Using synchronous control technology, the welding time and sub-control welding are managed by the industrial computer control system. The control software is based on the Windows operating system, man-machine interface, and the operation is more intelligent and humanized. The size of the drawn mesh is more precise, and meshes of different sizes can appear on the same mesh in the warp and weft directions.
CNC grid welding machine

This equipment is the most advanced welded mesh equipment for electromechanical integration. The biggest advantage is that the diameter of the wire is adjustable. The aperture of the weft wire can be entered into the computer to achieve the hole distance you achieve. If you get changes, you can enter the hole pitch into the computer to achieve the hole pitch you want, and the hole pitch can be adjusted at will.

The mesh welded by this machine is smooth, and the diagonal error is small. It is the most advanced welding equipment evaluated by welding mesh experts.

1. The maximum width of the local mesh is 3.0 meters

2. The welding diameter is 2.5mm-6mm

3. Self-cooling of welding transformer air

4. The welding form is compressed once, and the welding is controlled separately

5. Frequency fine-tuning is adopted during welding of this machine to reduce electric welding pollution

6. Adjustable welding pressure

7. The diameter of the wire is adjustable

8. The pitch of the weft thread is automatically changed by inputting the pitch of the computer

9. This machine is widely used in the welding of railway fences, highway fences, bridges, high-rise buildings, etc., and can be customized according to customer needs.

Grid welding wire mesh machine

The equipment uses an electric motor as a power source and an upgraded product with compressed air as a power source. It can also be used normally when the temperature is below 0 ℃. Due to the elimination of wearing parts such as cylinders and gas valves, its failure rate is only 1% of the gas-powered grid welding machine. The equipment adopts intelligent control. The welding time and the sub-control welding current are composed of a digital Chinese display man-machine interface. The control accuracy is high, the performance is stable, the welding point is firm, and there is no burn mark. The welding speed is fast, and the operation is simple and easy to learn. The weft thread is equipped with a precision weft cutting device and a precision positioning device to ensure that the length of the weft wire is uniform and the edge is neat, and there is no need to trim the edge. The pulling net adopts elastic pull rod and grid positioning device, which makes the grid fine adjustment easy, the grid size precision is high, and the welding wire aperture can be adjusted arbitrarily within the range

Special mesh welding wire mesh machine

Generally used in professional production process net, special-shaped net, etc.

Model features:

1. Advanced computer and "welding expert" program

The advanced microcomputer precision adjustment mode can be used to set the relevant parameters in the welding process separately. Multiple discharges during the welding process can be selected to control welding. Single / multi-pulse or slow-up discharges are used to reduce excessive welding current. The impact of welding will minimize the effects of welding sparks and splashes.

2. Digital display and memory

Welding parameters are adjusted by LED tube to display data and status, and digitally stored in E. The data in EPROM memory will not be deviated and will be stored permanently.

3. Two-stage pneumatic operation system

Welding is pressurized with two levels of high and low pressure to prevent the welding head from suddenly punching down and crushing the workpiece, and then the welding is added with higher pressure. This device allows the welding head to operate at low pressure, which reduces the speed and improves efficiency. Minimize the impact on the work.

4. Automatic compensation for power supply and frequency fluctuations

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